The Jaska Brand
JASKA the brand combines all of my true passions, painting, creating and designing, making and sewing to produce one-of-a-kind clutches, tote bags and fashion items using my own original artwork which I paint onto 100% natural linen using ecofriendly inks. Each unique and individual hand painted design is completed on natural linen, heat set once dry and then cut into individual pieces to be constructed by myself in my home studio in Eltham, Victoria. Each piece of artwork is named individually and each clutch, bag or fashion item, once completed, gets a small card stating the artwork it comes from along with an item number. I strive to produce fashion items that are unique and bold for people who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. As each piece is individually cut and constructed from one piece of artwork, every finished item is a "one of a kind". No two pieces are the same!
The label name, JASKA is a play on letters from both my name and my wonderfully supportive husband, Stuart.


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